Haiti Movie Trailers

View the latest movie trailers for many current and upcoming Haitian movie releases.

L'Inattendu Movie TrailerL'Inattendu Movie Trailer
74,918 views • 2 Comments
watch the trailer of Haitian movie L'Inattendu, a new film by Fritz Buissereth and Susette Maurisseau
L Inattendu Movie Premiere Video ReportageL Inattendu Movie Premiere Video Reportage
68,344 views • 1 Comments
Watch a video reportage of the grand premiere of Haitian movie L Inattendu that took place at the North Miami Beach...
Collusion SequencesCollusion Sequences
24,834 views • 1 Comments
Watch the trailer of haitian movie Collusion, A new movie by Player 1/2 crew featuring the next haiti Movies Superstar...
Collusion Movie TrailerCollusion Movie Trailer
Watch the movie trailer of Collusion a new movie starring Kacendre Belizaire
Xtreme Blue Trailer 2Xtreme Blue Trailer 2
71,696 views • 2 Comments
A new movie by Herold Israel. With Michelle Judith Jeudy, Harris Latortue, Frero Jean-Baptiste, Paul-Henry Athis...
Oh Dieu Protege Mon Mariage Movie TrailerOh Dieu Protege Mon Mariage Movie Trailer
Watch the Oh Dieu Protege Mon Mariage Movie Trailer a Johnny Fleurinord film directed by Johnny Fleurinord and...
Le Weekend Movie TrailerLe Weekend Movie Trailer
Watch Le Weekend Movie Trailer, a a John Janvier and Johnny Fleurinor "Tonton Nord" movie
L'apprenti movie trailerL'apprenti movie trailer
17,630 views • 1 Comments
Un film de Jean-Marie Lamour. avec Dawenks pierre, Fabiola william, Kettelie Estivian, Modeline Dellile,Latanya Dejoie.
Konsyans Koupab Movie TrailerKonsyans Koupab Movie Trailer
25,006 views • 11 Comments
A young Miami party girl got kicked out of her parents' home then moved to Orlando, FL. Where she helped a detective...
Jesifra Speaking Teaching EnglishJesifra Speaking Teaching English
Watch the Jesifra Speaking Teaching English video, Jesifra Speaking teaching English sh owing off his english