Haiti Movie Trailers

View the latest movie trailers for many current and upcoming Haitian movie releases.

Ayiti Mon Amour - Movie TrailerAyiti Mon Amour - Movie Trailer
Watch the movie trailer of the film Ayiti Mon Amour, directed by Guetty Felin
VIDEO: The Homeless - Haitian Movie TrailerVIDEO: The Homeless - Haitian Movie Trailer
24,219 views • 1 Comments
Watch the video... The Homeless - Haitian Movie Trailer, a new film by Samuel Vincent starring Carine Delerme, Fritz...
After DeathAfter Death
7,462 views • 10 Comments
after death, a Garnel Ambroise poem. Garnel production
Fiancee Movie TrailerFiancee Movie Trailer
26,259 views • 4 Comments
Watch the movie trailer Haitian movie Fiancee, a new film by producer Herold Israel, coming soon to DVD
I Hate Men Movie PreviewI Hate Men Movie Preview
37,877 views • 1 Comments
Watch The I Hate Men Movie Preview Video, A Film About Gays And Lesbians. I HATE MEN - HAITIAN AND AFRICAN MOVIE
Life Outside of Pearl Movie trailer -  Creole twistLife Outside of Pearl Movie trailer - Creole twist
15,816 views • 5 Comments
Here is another trailer of Life Outside of Pearl with creole twist, starring Jimmy Jean- Louis, Rudolph Moise, and...
Men Rat La Movie Clip MovielakayMen Rat La Movie Clip Movielakay
64,863 views • 6 Comments
Watch the Men Rat La Movie Clip Movielakay video, Men Rat La Movie Clip MovieLakay com Clip from the Haitian movie Men...
A Force de Maux Movie TrailerA Force de Maux Movie Trailer
6,233 views • 14 Comments
c'est une histoire ou un jeune homme fou amoureux d'une qui elle n'a pas le meme sentiment. Puis ce jeune homme la va...
women's courage a must see documentary part 2women's courage a must see documentary part 2
women's courage a must see documentary by arnold antonin part # 2 meet two hard working haitian women (benita ...
Consequences Of Betrayal Movie TrailerConsequences Of Betrayal Movie Trailer
Watch the movie preview of Consequences of Betrayal Consequences Trahison a new film by Jean-Michel Galumette.