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Haiti actress Ginou Mondesir, memories of her violent death resurfaces in the aftermath of Nice Simon's domestic violence case

Le Miracle De La Foi "I don't want to be another Ginou Mondesir" is exactly what former actress and mayor of Tabarre Nice Simon said in a press conference after she was violently beatten by her baby father Yves Leonard. Who is Ginou Mondesir? more »

Haiti Cinema - Finally, a movie about the 'Madan Sara,' the hardest working Haitian women

Madan Sara Documentary Film Photo Everyone who grew up in Haiti knows what a 'Madan Sara' is, a Haitian woman who works hard, wakes up earlier than most, sleeps later than most. Finally there is a documentary out there giving respect to the Madan Sara, watch the trailer... more »

Haiti Cinema : I Love You Anne 3 movie project has officially been launched!

PHOTO: Tonton Bicha, Nice Simon and Richard Senecal introduce Anne 3 Project Haitian movie fans, are you ready for another I Love You Anne Movie? Well, part 3 of the I Love you Anne movies series is underway. more »

Info: Funeral arrangements for Anne Marie Delerme, mother of Raynald Deleme (Baba)

Anne-Marie Delerme - Mother of Haitian filmmaker Raynald Delerme The funeral of Anne Marie Delerme will be held this Saturday June 16, 2018, scheduled for 10 AM at Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church located at 1000 Lantana Road, Lantana Florida 33462. more »

Haitian filmmaker Raynald Delerme (Baba) is mourning the death of her mother

Anne-Marie Delerme - Mother of Haitian filmmaker Raynald Delerme Co-founder and teacher of Ecole Freres Polycarpe in Port-au-Prince Haiti, Anne Marie Delerme, the mother of Haitian filmmaker Raynald Delerme passed away Tuesday morning, 12 June 2018. Raynald Delerme, the man who likes to make people laugh, is mourning. more »

Haiti Cinema - Most Popular photo on Belfim (March 2018)

Xtreme Blue, Behind The Scenes A surprise behind the scenes photo became the most popula Haitian movie photo on Belfim last month... Guess from which Haitian movie? more »

Haiti Cinema - Most popular biography on Belfim (March 2018)

Haitian Super Star Can you guess which Haitian actors biography most people are looking for on Belfim these days? Surprise.... more »

Haiti Cinema : Haitian filmmaker can't remember the last time he put his movie on DVD

PHOTO: Old Haitian Movies on DVD "I can't remember the last time I put one of my Haitian on DVD," one Haitian filmmaker tells Belfim. "It is a big waste of time and money," he said. "Who's gonna buy it from you?" more »

DVD Sales declining, Streaming is king, what does that mean for Haitian movie industry?

I love You Anne Not long ago, Haitian filmmakers used to rely on the sale of DVDs to make a few bucks with their movies. According to an article released earlier in 2018, disk sales plummeted in 2017 because most consumers are streaming instead of buying movies on DVD. more »

Haiti Cinema : Cap-Haitien - KADO BONDYE a l'Afiche, Versailles Cine le 22 Avril 2018

Kado Bondye - Official Movie Poster Message aux fans de cinéma haïtien au Cap-Haïtien et dans les villes environnantes, le film haitien KADO Bondye, un nouveau film du cinéaste Saintanor S. Camilus, seront projetés au Versailles Cine Cap-Haïtien, le 22 avril 2018. Vous êtes tous invités... more »