Cafe Au Lait Bien Sucre, movie Trailer

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Watch the movie trailer of Haitian movie Cafe au Lait coming to DVD on May 18 2007

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Mandi says...

If you don't like what's being made or are getting sick of it make the movie you would want to

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Lynn says...

Follow Reginal Lubin and S. noisy foot steps, they are very professionals and very good actors, I can say the best in our

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Mizzlie Alcindor says...

Movie sa te gen twop moun ladan'l pou li pa kanpe sou anyen, moun yo pa kapab di yon pawol ki gen sans, menm konesans yo pa konn fe, sel Nikki Mix ki tap fe moun fe yon ti bouje avek pawol Dadou yo ki te bona 80% so map mande nou le tout moun gentan konnen nou konsa nou pa dwe patisipe nan nenpot gri gri ki gen foli fe movie.

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Max Johnson Fgb says...

If you haven't noticed by now, it is safe to say more than 90% of Haitian movies are based on the same theme.

A guy has a wife or a girlfriend; he or she has somebody else on the side and so on. Your movie isn't different from the dozens or hundreds of other Haitian movies.

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