Haiti Movie Trailers

View the latest movie trailers for many current and upcoming Haitian movie releases.

Tripping The WireTripping The Wire
Watch the Tripping The Wire video, Tripping the Wire Benz Antoine Scene Benz Antoine Daniel Day Lewis Clark Johnson...
Pwofon Lanmou movie trailerPwofon Lanmou movie trailer
45,408 views • 36 Comments
Sherline is an haitian immigrant who come to nyc with the help of her aunt marise. Marise's husband is a real estate...
Songe Kote Ou Te PaseSonge Kote Ou Te Pase
8,490 views • 4 Comments
Watch the Songe Kote Ou Te Pase video. Here is the new music video by John Harris Desinor. Neg Leogane Neg Port-de-Paix
Interview With Actor Dadou Dorval Aka J LoveInterview With Actor Dadou Dorval Aka J Love
Watch the Interview With Actor Dadou Dorval Aka J Love video, Movie Lakay caught up with actor Dadou Dorval aka J Love...
Crazy Love - Official Movie Trailer #2Crazy Love - Official Movie Trailer #2
The first of several promo clips from the upcoming movie Crazy Love. SOUTH FLORIDA PREMIERE ON 09-24-11.... COMING...
Crazy Love - Club Play Encore PremiereCrazy Love - Club Play Encore Premiere
Watch the Crazy Love - Club Play Encore Premiere video, CRAZY LOVE - Encore Premiere 10-20-11 COMING SOON TO SELECT...
Natalie Movie Premiere TrailerNatalie Movie Premiere Trailer
30,016 views • 7 Comments
Haitian movie Natalie is playing at the north Miami Performing Arts Theater on September 23rd, 2007 here is the grande...
Frantz Design Movie AwardFrantz Design Movie Award
58,868 views • 5 Comments
For the first time an Academy Award nominees gathered in Queens N.Y. to presents best Haitian Actors of the years 2008.