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David where are you?we miss you more »
Darling Mesidor, 11/16/17 5:18 PM
My name is Darling Mesidor lapis I still love you more »
Darling Mesidor, 11/16/17 3:38 PM
where can i watch the full movie i mean nobody wanna see no trailer!!!!! more »
Dede, 11/13/17 11:12 PM
Last picture of papa piè more »
Nehemie Hilaire, 11/12/17 9:20 PM
This is some photos from the movie night more »
Jonel, 11/12/17 2:37 PM
However an artist is dead, his own country looses an important page in its culture. May... more »
Luxamarre Kesner, 11/11/17 8:03 PM
Pour tous ceux qui voulaient voir une dernière fois Papa Pyè et qui n'ont pas... more »
Haiti Movie News, 11/11/17 6:18 PM
good bye father Peter more »
Father Peter, 11/11/17 1:55 PM
Nouvèl sa pa twò kòrèc non! First of all he has 3 brothers in Haiti... more »
Edith, 11/01/17 11:54 PM
Mesi anpil president papye se te yon papa pou mwen ELAS mwen pap ka la poum swetel denye... more »
Jacques Wesly Michel, 10/31/17 9:55 AM