Haiti Movie Trailers

View the latest movie trailers for many current and upcoming Haitian movie releases.

Affaires Internes Movie TrailerAffaires Internes Movie Trailer
Watch The Affaires Internes Movie Trailer. Police Drama - Corruption At The Highest Echelons Challenging The Loyalty...
Tripping The WireTripping The Wire
Watch the Tripping The Wire video, Benz Antoine
Papa Machete - Kickstarter Video / Film TrailerPapa Machete - Kickstarter Video / Film Trailer
Watch the Papa Machete Kickstarter Video and Film Trailer... Papa Machete is a short film about Haitian Machete Fencing.
Papa Machete: The Art Of Haitian Machete FencingPapa Machete: The Art Of Haitian Machete Fencing
Fencing with machetes is a thing. In Haiti, it's a tradition known as "tire machet." Fusion caught up with journalist...
Papa Machete Official Teaser Trailer (2014)Papa Machete Official Teaser Trailer (2014)
Watch the Official Haitian movie trailer for Papa Machete. Papa Machete is an intimate account of 'Professor' Alfred...
Rencontre Du Destin - Trailer 1Rencontre Du Destin - Trailer 1
17,747 views • 1 Comments
Watch the Rencontre Du Destin - Trailer 1 video. When young physician, Dr. Pete Anderson James W. SaintPreux was...
Selfish Love Movie - Domestic Abuse ClipSelfish Love Movie - Domestic Abuse Clip
26,094 views • 3 Comments
Here is a clip of selfish love where domestic abuse is addressed. Domestic abuse is a big issue it's nice to see it...
Edge of Friendship TrailerEdge of Friendship Trailer
14,076 views • 3 Comments
First Haitian Karate / Kung Fu movie Edge of Friendship is a movie by Haitian producer Roberson Douge.
Film Haitien Le ChauffeurFilm Haitien Le Chauffeur
Watch the Film Haitien Le Chauffeur video, Une presentation de Fondation Fabienne Colas realise par Jean Claude...
Jimmy Jean Louis The Hero Saves The Model Jimmy Jean Louis The Hero Saves The Model
Watch the Jimmy Jean Louis The Hero Saves The Model video, Jimmy Jean Louis The Haitian on Heroes saves a fashion...