Haiti Movie Trailers

View the latest movie trailers for many current and upcoming Haitian movie releases.

 One Love Trailer One Love Trailer
Watch the One Love Trailer video, Starring Polly Shannon Russell Yuen Larry Day Benz Antoine Vanessa Matsui Josh...
Collusion SequencesCollusion Sequences
15,025 views • 1 Comments
Watch the trailer of haitian movie Collusion, A new movie by Player 1/2 crew featuring the next haiti Movies Superstar...
Collusion Movie TrailerCollusion Movie Trailer
Watch the movie trailer of Collusion a new movie starring Kacendre Belizaire
Yon Sel NwitYon Sel Nwit
39,488 views • 26 Comments
Watch the movie trailer for the movie Yon Sel Nwit.
Yon Sel Nwit Pre Premiere InterviewYon Sel Nwit Pre Premiere Interview
6,709 views • 1 Comments
After a private viewing of the movie Yon Sel Nwit here in NJ with Frantz Design and co-producer of the movie...
Jesifra LestomakJesifra Lestomak
Watch the Jesifra Lestomak video, True specialist in the cultural leisure s and the mail order trading HAITIANDVDCD...
Le Coiffeur Movie trailerLe Coiffeur Movie trailer
10,485 views • 46 Comments
Watch the movie trailer of Haitian movie Le Coiffeur
2 SE Movie Preview2 SE Movie Preview
A movie Premiere you can not miss Sat January 22nd 7PM Cinema 6, California Mall 850 Ives Dairy Rd Miami, FL Infos...
Le Peche le Pardon Premiere TrailerLe Peche le Pardon Premiere Trailer
24,383 views • 4 Comments
Watch the Le Peche Et Le Pardon Movie Trailer, grand. Saturday August 15, 2009 @ 7PM will take place the Grand...
Tetchena Bellange, First Parachute JumpTetchena Bellange, First Parachute Jump
Watch the Tetchena Bellange skidiving video, her first jump in parachute video, Tetchena Bellange is a Haitian...