Li Se Manman'm Movie Trailer

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Watch the movie Trailer of Li Se Manman'm, A new film by Godnel Latus AKA Baby Love. Expected release date: April 2008

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Claude Berrouette Latus says...

so i'm so happy cause i see my family do tha things right, so let me tell how i feel, this is a reality for all the kids we don't respect their family their parents, so with out them we dont know who you are

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Me What says...

who died and made you movie producer?

The movie is called "li se manman-m" not "bon pitit"

get lost.

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Kiki Love says...

J, aime beaucoup ce film, il m'a vraiment faire revivre les moments douloureux dont nos parents ont subit pour nous les enfants, plus particulierement simone de la facon dont elle jouait son role de mere, qu, elle a dument frapper mes sentiments.

Compliment la chere dame, tu m'erites 1000/1000.

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Ralph Nemorin says...


I just finished watching this movie, and it put me to tears.

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Movie Man says...

those two guys are the worse producers ever, they should banned from making more movies because they bringing the haitian movie industry down even more..

They keep making all this bs movies you can't even understand what the movies are about..

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Salina says...

That movie suck i don't understand the ending.

mwen konprannn ti fi a te pati al sen domeng men yo pa moutre w kote li fini lekol e pi lap ede manman l, yo jis moutre w li tounen ayiti sa lal fe se antere manman l it makes no sense to me you guys should talkto people about your movies before you put it out because your bringing the haitian industry down, thank you.

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Wifey Jean Aka-mystery says...

selman gade ti moso nan fi'm sa(li se manman'm)fe'm reflechi anpil, anpil bagay vi'n nan espri, mwen gen 14zan depi ma'p viv laba, fi'm sa se yon fi'm pa selman mwen gen dezi gade, mwen ta renmen posede videyo a tou, genyen yon paket bagay mwen kwe mwen ka e pra'l apren'n a koz fi'm sa mesi anpil tout fre ak se mwen yo pou yon fi'm konsa ki renpli avek leson e edikasyon.mesi anpil anko

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Altie says...

i want to know where can i get that movie.

is it out already, because it seen like a good movie


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Louis says...

Li Se Manman'm Movie Trailer i dont no the story about this film it is a movie Haitian

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Patrick Saintilus says...

It's a great peace of work, the Movie "li se mammam" the directing, the sound,

the editing.The haitian Movie industry is at it's infancy but it is growing fast

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