Haiti Movie Trailers

View the latest movie trailers for many current and upcoming Haitian movie releases.

Madan Sara - Haitian Movie TrailerMadan Sara - Haitian Movie Trailer
Watch the preview of Haitian documentary film Madan Sara, a movie about the life of Madan Sara women in Haiti. Madan...
La Trace New Movie TrailerLa Trace New Movie Trailer
37,130 views • 27 Comments
Here is the the latest movie trailer for Haitian movie La Trace, a Kerby Leveille film
Tonton Dezirab M'pap Damou AnkoTonton Dezirab M'pap Damou Anko
35,475 views • 1 Comments
wath the Tonton Dezirab M'pap Damou Anko haiti music video featuring Jean Corvens Rosier as Tonton Desirab
La Face de judas Movie TrailerLa Face de judas Movie Trailer
Watch the trailer of Haitian film La face de Judas
Le Retour D’un Soldat movie trailerLe Retour D’un Soldat movie trailer
A Soldier {Edouard G. Roy} returned home from war after being shot in the head from an enemy bullet. He finally...
Edson Cazeau Special Tv ShowEdson Cazeau Special Tv Show
3,936 views • 1 Comments
Watch the Edson Cazeau Special Tv Show video, BC June 19 2008
Arnold Antonin Jacmel Film FestivalArnold Antonin Jacmel Film Festival
Here is an interview of Arnold Antonin in Jacmel. The interview is about his opinion about the Jacmel Film Festival
Fanm Deyo Pi Dous Episode 2Fanm Deyo Pi Dous Episode 2
Fanm Deyo Pi Dous tells the story of Joseph AKA DJ Fanfan, a married man, who by frustration, lack of marital intimacy...
L'Inattendu Movie TrailerL'Inattendu Movie Trailer
54,731 views • 2 Comments
watch the trailer of Haitian movie L'Inattendu, a new film by Fritz Buissereth and Susette Maurisseau
Les Voleurs Movie TrailerLes Voleurs Movie Trailer
19,897 views • 6 Comments
Watch the movie trailer of Les Voleur starring Cleo, Alexandra Deetjen, another movie from Smartel Picture