Haiti Movie Trailers

View the latest movie trailers for many current and upcoming Haitian movie releases.

Rose Adele Joachim Interview - Cinepam ShowRose Adele Joachim Interview - Cinepam Show
15,515 views • 1 Comments
Watch the Rose Adele Joachim Interview - Cinepam Show video. The new haitian movie industry TV show. on air every...
Destiny movie trailer 2Destiny movie trailer 2
20,217 views • 74 Comments
watch the new movie trailer for Haitian movie Destiny, a film produced by John Desinor
Film Haitien Le ChauffeurFilm Haitien Le Chauffeur
Watch the Film Haitien Le Chauffeur video, Une presentation de Fondation Fabienne Colas realise par Jean Claude...
Homage a Languichatte Debordus, Part 1Homage a Languichatte Debordus, Part 1
Watch a video clip of Homage A Languichatte, A special sketch by troupe languichatte and banabe (Theodore Beaubrun Jr...
Prezidan Bicha Movie Sneak PreviewPrezidan Bicha Movie Sneak Preview
33,356 views • 22 Comments
Here is a sneak peak of a new Haitian film titled Presidan Bicha. for more info about Haitian Movies and Tonton Bicha...
Brother Posse AnneBrother Posse Anne
Watch the Brother Posse Anne video, Brother Passy Anne
Fanm Se Rat Movie TrailerFanm Se Rat Movie Trailer
70,024 views • 2 Comments
Watch the Fanm Se Rat Movie Trailer, a new film by Wilfort Estimable
Lwa Gatel Haitian Movie TrailerLwa Gatel Haitian Movie Trailer
Watch the Lwa Gatel Haitian Movie Trailer video, Eske Lwa ka gate yon moun Directed by Charmy M for 2B Film Inc More...
Sneak Peek from the movie NatalieSneak Peek from the movie Natalie
15,949 views • 6 Comments
Eveline is beatrice mother and Natalie's aunt, after several days she been looking for Beatrice and couldn't find her...
VIDEO: The Homeless - Haitian Movie TrailerVIDEO: The Homeless - Haitian Movie Trailer
22,043 views • 1 Comments
Watch the video... The Homeless - Haitian Movie Trailer, a new film by Samuel Vincent starring Carine Delerme, Fritz...