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Titles: Resulta

Watch the movie trailer of Haitian movie Resulta a new movie by Luphete Valcourt

Tags: Hubermann Saintil, Luphete F. Valcourt, Esther Royer, Avenitha E. Valcourt, Yvienne Saint Louis, Francillon Pierre, cheating Haitian men, Movie Trailers & Previews

Video Comments (17)

Francis says...

gwo movie, bel istwa, bel reyalizasyon, bon acting, good job a crew

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Bonbagay Hmi says...

well done trailer, good job guys, i like the movie already, trailer a fe'w anvi gade movie

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Mina says...

good job luphete valcourt (sifrael) the trailer's very good, i can't wait to see it God bless

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Chansir says...

yo man mwen regret mwen pa te al gade fim nan pou jan yap pale de li orlando, anyway map tann li soti pou'm pran dvd

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Alber says...

gro movie devan leternel, guys kile movie ap soti souple, fe'm konnen ok one love kenbe wi sifrael pa moli tande

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Barbara says...

Resulta i went to see that i like it one of the best haitian movie, good job guys and by the when is the dvd coming

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Kesnel says...

bel bagay sifrael, m'renmen ide a, genbe map rete tan'n

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Ben says...

bel trailer, map rete tanm li, bel

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Mirtha says...

orlando represent mwen avek nou crew resulta, m'pa rayi sa mwen a du tou, good luck to all of you guys specially

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My Name Is says...

''resulta'' sound interesting and trailer looks good, looking forward for

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