Haiti Movie Trailers

View the latest movie trailers for many current and upcoming Haitian movie releases.

The Heavenly Side of Hell Official TrailerThe Heavenly Side of Hell Official Trailer
30,375 views • 1 Comments
Watch the official movie trailer for The Heavenly Side of Hell staring Tony Delerme, Tico Arman, Michelle Georges...
Pluie d'Espoir English Trailer 2009Pluie d'Espoir English Trailer 2009
57,221 views • 1 Comments
This is the trailer of the final, completed version of Pluie d'Espoir. This movie is directed & produced by Jacques...
Pwofon Lanmou movie trailerPwofon Lanmou movie trailer
40,675 views • 36 Comments
Sherline is an haitian immigrant who come to nyc with the help of her aunt marise. Marise's husband is a real estate...
Lage'm nan sho
12,705 views • 1 Comments
Lage'm nan sho a Movie about a corrupt young haitian man heading in the wrong direction in life.. Spiritual mother...
Transformation Movie TrailerTransformation Movie Trailer
Watch the Transformation Movie Trailer video, starring. Watch the trailer of Haitian movie Transformation, a new film...
Pataswel movie trailerPataswel movie trailer
Watch the trailer of Haitian movie pataswel a new haitian film from Canada
Homage a Languichatte Debordus, Part 4Homage a Languichatte Debordus, Part 4
Watch part 4 of Homage A Languichatte, A special sketch by troupe languichatte and banabe (Theodore Beaubrun Jr...
PERDUS Movie TrailerPERDUS Movie Trailer
8,899 views • 3 Comments
Teens lost on their way to Jacmel. They encounter a mysterious man that kills and sells both cow and human flesh.
Reflexion MovieReflexion Movie
20,125 views • 1 Comments
Watch the Reflexion Movie video. Watch the trailer for the upcoming movie Reflexion - Previous title Lack of...
La Vie Nan Bouk La, Papa Pie, Bos Macel, FredericLa Vie Nan Bouk La, Papa Pie, Bos Macel, Frederic
52,106 views • 6 Comments
Watch La Vi nan Bouk La with Papa Pie, Frederic, bos macel, and gracie