Who Wants to be a Haitian Superstar?

Here is a message to all the wannabe Haitians superstars out there:


Being an actor is a career decision, you need to know that before you choose to "drop by" on a movie set and to show your pretty face on the big screen, on TV, on movie posters, and thousands of DVDs.

Before you scream "I want to be in a Haitian movie" you need to know that, once you show your pretty face on a Haitian movie, you become what is called a "public figure".

In other words, as a "public figure", your life becomes the subject of public interest. Whatever you do as a public figure may end up getting media attention. If you get caught with your pants down, you will make headline news.

If you do not want your picture on a website like Belfim.com then do yourself a big favor:

  • Grab your "La Sainte Bible"
  • Grab your "Chants D'Esperance"
  • Go to church
  • Stay away from movies

If you are already in a movie and you suddenly realize "Opps! I don't want to be a star anymore... I want to turn it off..."

belfim.com/picture-4204Too bad for you.

Wake up, Dorothy, you are not in Kansas anymore!

We constantly receive messages like these from Haitian actors who think they can just stop being a "SIPESTA" if they want to.

Here is a message we received today:

Actor's Message to Belfim:
= = = = = = = = =

"I am sorry but I would love for you to delete me out of belfim.com.

I don't want to be in that website, people in Haiti is doing bad things thinking I got money from movies or this website and think I have been cheap with it.

They think I am very big and a lot is going on.

Please I beg you take me off that website."

Our Response:
= = = = = = = = =

"Sorry honey,

You are a star now, get used to it.

Some things cannot be UNDONE

This is one of them."

In Summary:
= = = = = = =

Belfim.com is not a joke, it is "THE Haiti Internet Movie Database".

If your name and your face shows up in any Haitian movie out there, your name and your picture will show up on belfim.com sooner or later.

Let this be a lesson to everyone who thinks being a "Star" is something you can turn "OFF".

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