Haiti Movie Trailers

View the latest movie trailers for many current and upcoming Haitian movie releases.

Cargo Movie Trailer Starring Gessica GeneusCargo Movie Trailer Starring Gessica Geneus
Watch this movie preview, CARGO, Kareem J Mortimer film staring Jimmy Jean Louis and Gessica Geneus. A sensitive...
CARGO Movie - Official Movie TrailerCARGO Movie - Official Movie Trailer
Watch this video... CARGO, Official Movie Trailer. A sensitive fisherman transforms into a prolific human smuggler to...
Birth Effect movie trailerBirth Effect movie trailer
5,372 views • 1 Comments
Watch the Birth Effect movie trailer.
Betrayal Movie TrailerBetrayal Movie Trailer
17,599 views • 2 Comments
Here is the trailer of the upcoming Haitian movie Betrayal by producer Peter Paul
Benz Antoine Off The Record Part 2 Benz Antoine Off The Record Part 2
Watch the Benz Antoine Off The Record Part 2 video, Benz Antoine on Off the record Michael Landsberg
Benz Antoine Demo ReelBenz Antoine Demo Reel
Watch the Benz Antoine Demo Reel video, Benz Antoine Film Demo Reel Intro Baby for sale Playmakers Wild Card No...
Bennchoumy Elien - Nou La videoBennchoumy Elien - Nou La video
11,908 views • 1 Comments
rap creole / kreyol hip hop; hope you enjoy it and support Bennchoumy. Hard Times / Michael Smith coming soon Video...
Belle Enfant Noire Movie TrailerBelle Enfant Noire Movie Trailer
Watch the trailer of Haitian Movie Belle Enfant Noire starring Haitian Hip Hop artist Black Alex
Bed Of Lies Short FilmBed Of Lies Short Film
Watch the Bed Of Lies Short Film video. Young man cheating on his wife when he finds out his life is in danger it's...
Basquiat Movie TrailerBasquiat Movie Trailer
Watch The Basquiat Movie Trailer Video, Basquiat Trailer