Haiti Movie Trailers

View the latest movie trailers for many current and upcoming Haitian movie releases.

Fanm Se Rat Movie TrailerFanm Se Rat Movie Trailer
93,480 views • 2 Comments
Watch the Fanm Se Rat Movie Trailer, a new film by Wilfort Estimable
Men Rat La Movie Clip MovielakayMen Rat La Movie Clip Movielakay
76,288 views • 6 Comments
Watch the Men Rat La Movie Clip Movielakay video, Men Rat La Movie Clip MovieLakay com Clip from the Haitian movie Men...
Aristide and the Endless Revolution TrailerAristide and the Endless Revolution Trailer
22,327 views • 6 Comments
Watch the trailer of "Aristide and the Endless Revolution" the events that led to Haitian President Jean-Bertrand...
Maryaj Tet Chaje Movie TrailerMaryaj Tet Chaje Movie Trailer
12,908 views • 1 Comments
yon jenn gason ki ap mennen yon vi pov avek mennaj li, jenn gason sa arive vinn rich
lover boy movie trailerlover boy movie trailer
8,619 views • 1 Comments
Directed by Garnel Ambroise. lover boy, being in love in the hood ain't easy! a walkens Antenor film starring Mikelita...
Life With Uncle TedLife With Uncle Ted
Two sisters leading separate lives uncover themselves with more in common than they ever imagined when Rachel reveals...
TRAPPED Haitian Nights Movie TrailerTRAPPED Haitian Nights Movie Trailer
Watch The Movie Trailer Of TRAPPED Haitian Nights Is A New Haitian Movie By Martine Jean And Jean Claude La Marre...
Trapped Haitian Nights Movie ClipTrapped Haitian Nights Movie Clip
35,445 views • 1 Comments
Watch The Trapped Haitian Nights Movie Clip Video, Trapped Haitian Nights Scene 22
Echec Movie TrailerEchec Movie Trailer
45,432 views • 1 Comments
Watch the trailer of Haitian movie Echec, a new film by Andre Joaceus aka Dous Raymond
The Agronomist 2003 - TrailerThe Agronomist 2003 - Trailer
Watch the The Agronomist 2003 - Trailer video, ENG - A Profile Of Haitian Radio Journalist And Human Rights Activist...