Haiti Movie Trailers

View the latest movie trailers for many current and upcoming Haitian movie releases.

Actor MECCA aka GRIMO's Interview on NBC6Actor MECCA aka GRIMO's Interview on NBC6
10,462 views • 2 Comments
Watch the video clip of Haitian Raper/Actor Mecca AKA Grimo on South Florida's NBC6. Mecca Talks about education and...
Tonton Dezirab, Lage-l nan men jeziTonton Dezirab, Lage-l nan men jezi
40,088 views • 1 Comments
Watch the Tonton Dezirab, Lage-l nan men jezi Haiti music video featuring actor Jean Corvens Rosier as Tonton Dezirab...
Confusion - New Haitian Movie from New YorkConfusion - New Haitian Movie from New York
31,351 views • 2 Comments
Tabou Combo Singer Shoubou (Roger M. Eugene) stars in a new Haitian movie call Confusion. get more details from a news...
Haitian Movies Versus African MoviesHaitian Movies Versus African Movies
Watch the Haitian Movies Versus African Movies video, HAITIAN MOVIE INDUSTRY IS GROWING UP BIG BUT MORE AND MORE...
Fo Mamit Movie TrailerFo Mamit Movie Trailer
Starring Pe Gigit, Fabiola Sampeur, Alex Calixte, Tatiana Cozart, Matine Joseph.
2-KBES movie trailer2-KBES movie trailer
Watch the trailer of Haitian movie 2-KBES, l'effet Domino. Un film a voir / A must see movie. Bientot sur vos ecrans ...
Edge of Friendship TrailerEdge of Friendship Trailer
11,404 views • 3 Comments
First Haitian Karate / Kung Fu movie Edge of Friendship is a movie by Haitian producer Roberson Douge.
Le Fils Du Diable Movie TrailerLe Fils Du Diable Movie Trailer
33,821 views • 68 Comments
Watch this Haitian scary movie, Le Fils du diable, a new movie from JD Production, directed by Joan Demosthene (Tutu)
L'Amour Et L'Amitie Movie TrailerL'Amour Et L'Amitie Movie Trailer
45,827 views • 6 Comments
Watch The Movie Trailer For L'amour Et L'Amitie, A Film By Tutu Demostene Starring Marc Delerme
Where's The Justice movie TrailerWhere's The Justice movie Trailer
34,794 views • 9 Comments
Watch the Where's The Justice movie Trailer. a new movie starring Tony Delerme, Daniel Adolph, Natacha Simeon and...