Haiti Movie Trailers

View the latest movie trailers for many current and upcoming Haitian movie releases.

2-KBES movie trailer2-KBES movie trailer
Watch the trailer of Haitian movie 2-KBES, l'effet Domino. Un film a voir / A must see movie. Bientot sur vos ecrans ...
CARGO Movie, Filmmaker's Interiew, Nikki Jae, Our EntertainmentCARGO Movie, Filmmaker's Interiew, Nikki Jae, Our Entertainment
Watch this video... Bahamian filmmaker Kareem Mortimer talks about CARGO, a new movie starring Warren Brown Haitian...
Kafou - Haitian Movie TrailerKafou - Haitian Movie Trailer
Watch this video... KAFOU movie trailer, a new haitian film starring by Bruno Mourral starring Jasmuel Andri...
Dyab Baba Chess Game - T Delerme & Esther PrecivalDyab Baba Chess Game - T Delerme & Esther Precival
Watch the Dyab Baba Chess Game movie clip - T Delerme & Esther Precival, Youtube Esther Watch Esther Pr cival in...
En Realite Movie TrailerEn Realite Movie Trailer
32,877 views • 13 Comments
Watch the movie trailer of new Haitian movie En Realite, a new movie written by Matilde Maignan & Serge Louis...
Life With Uncle TedLife With Uncle Ted
Two sisters leading separate lives uncover themselves with more in common than they ever imagined when Rachel reveals...
Haitian American Film Life Outside Of PearlHaitian American Film Life Outside Of Pearl
Watch the Haitian American Film Life Outside Of Pearl 01 video, Life Outside of Pearl an up coming Haitian American...
SAN PAPYE movie teaser trailer # 1SAN PAPYE movie teaser trailer # 1
11,044 views • 9 Comments
SAN PAPYE the movie teaser trailer # 1 Un film de Hans Patrick Domercant.Starring Marcus Darbouze, Erlich Dorelas...
San Papye Latest TrailerSan Papye Latest Trailer
31,541 views • 2 Comments
SAN PAPYE is the story of a young Haitian professional who had to face all miseries and barriers confronted by a non...
Benz Antoine Off The RecordBenz Antoine Off The Record
Watch the Benz Antoine Off The Record video, Benz Antoine on Off the record Michael Landsberg