Haiti Movie Trailers

View the latest movie trailers for many current and upcoming Haitian movie releases.

The Guilt 2 - Haitian Movie TrailerThe Guilt 2 - Haitian Movie Trailer
Watch the movie trailer of Haitian movie THE GUILT 2, a new film produced and directed by Jean R. Galumette The cast...

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Lera Movie Demo
9,163 views • 2 Comments
This is Lera the ultimate action movie by DeepBlock Entertainment. This is not a trailer, this is a roughdraft of our...
Kisa Josephine Genyen Movie TrailerKisa Josephine Genyen Movie Trailer
31,481 views • 9 Comments
Watch the trailer of Haitian movie Kisa Josephine Genyen, a New movie by vinco production directed by Cathia Mimine...
VIDEO: Kado Bondye - Haitian Movie TrailerVIDEO: Kado Bondye - Haitian Movie Trailer
Watch the official movie trailer for Haitian film KADO BONDYE (Gift of God), A new film by Saintanor Camilus.
Fanm Se Rat Movie TrailerFanm Se Rat Movie Trailer
90,309 views • 2 Comments
Watch the Fanm Se Rat Movie Trailer, a new film by Wilfort Estimable
Cafe Au Lait Bien Sucre, movie TrailerCafe Au Lait Bien Sucre, movie Trailer
42,652 views • 4 Comments
Watch the movie trailer of Haitian movie Cafe au Lait coming to DVD on May 18 2007
Dyab Baba Movie TrailerDyab Baba Movie Trailer
This is the trailer of the new movie by Raynald Delerme, starring Papa Pie, Gracieu, T Delerme, Raynald Delerme...
Divorces and Consequences Movie trailerDivorces and Consequences Movie trailer
48,734 views • 21 Comments
A wealthy man is willing to do whatever he can to catch his wife in the act of infidelity....In turns, it backfire on...
Remo 3 Movie TrailerRemo 3 Movie Trailer
26,604 views • 4 Comments
Watch the Remo 3 Movie Trailer video, a Smith Cassamajor film Directed by Charmy M in association with Sexy Love...
Lov Dat Net Movie TrailerLov Dat Net Movie Trailer
Watch the trailer of Haitian movie Lov Dat Net, a new film by Herold Israel "I've been wacthing you online chatting...