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Fanm Deyo Pi Dous Movie TrailerFanm Deyo Pi Dous Movie Trailer
32,566 views • 2 Comments
The soap-opera tells a story an abusive husband. However in the community he is regard has a great radio host and as a...
Tourbillon Extrait By Doctor Yves BoissonniereTourbillon Extrait By Doctor Yves Boissonniere
Watch the Tourbillon Extrait By Doctor Yves Boissonniere video, UN FILM A VOIR ET A REVOIR SORTIRA LE 15 MAI PROCHAIN...
Altema Depliante Movie TrailerAltema Depliante Movie Trailer
Sneak preview of a new Haitian movie Altema Depliante starring Haitian comedian Aubry Blaque, produced by Jean R...
Languichatte Debordus Homage Part 8Languichatte Debordus Homage Part 8
Watch the Languichatte Debordus Homage Part 8 video, Info Watch a Haiti video clip of Homage A Languichatte a special...
PERDUS Movie TrailerPERDUS Movie Trailer
11,566 views • 3 Comments
Teens lost on their way to Jacmel. They encounter a mysterious man that kills and sells both cow and human flesh.
PERDUS Updated Movie TrailerPERDUS Updated Movie Trailer
39,754 views • 3 Comments
Teens lost on their way to Jacmel. They accepted hospitality in the home of a strange man, who was a butcher selling...
Kisa Josephine Genyen Movie TrailerKisa Josephine Genyen Movie Trailer
37,070 views • 9 Comments
Watch the trailer of Haitian movie Kisa Josephine Genyen, a New movie by vinco production directed by Cathia Mimine...
Li Se Manman'm Movie TrailerLi Se Manman'm Movie Trailer
73,992 views • 20 Comments
Watch the movie Trailer of Li Se Manman'm, A new film by Godnel Latus AKA Baby Love. Expected release date: April 2008
street survival Movie Trailerstreet survival Movie Trailer
Street Survival is about violence and drugs in miami, and there is a haitian actor that also play in that movie
The Price of Sugar movie ReviewThe Price of Sugar movie Review
Watch a video of the price of sugar movie review. Activist, Pearl Jr reviews The Price of sugar and today's...