Haiti Movie Trailers

View the latest movie trailers for many current and upcoming Haitian movie releases.

Affaires Internes Movie TrailerAffaires Internes Movie Trailer
Watch The Affaires Internes Movie Trailer. Police Drama - Corruption At The Highest Echelons Challenging The Loyalty...
Division Movie TrailerDivision Movie Trailer
44,966 views • 19 Comments
Watch the trailer Haitian movie DIVISION, a new film directed by Jean Gardy Bien Aime, Produced by Anrino Destinoble...
Fanm Deyo Pi Dous Movie TrailerFanm Deyo Pi Dous Movie Trailer
23,483 views • 2 Comments
The soap-opera tells a story an abusive husband. However in the community he is regard has a great radio host and as a...
Move Chwa Movie TrailerMove Chwa Movie Trailer
Watch the Move Chwa Haitian Movie trailer video, Move Chwa is a new movie about a wife beater in Haiti
Grann Mia Movie TrailerGrann Mia Movie Trailer
24,578 views • 6 Comments
Grann Mia is a new Haitian movie by producer Jean Michel Galumette.
Languichatte Debordus Homage Part 8Languichatte Debordus Homage Part 8
Watch the Languichatte Debordus Homage Part 8 video, Info Watch a Haiti video clip of Homage A Languichatte a special...
Rose Adele Joachim Interview - Cinepam ShowRose Adele Joachim Interview - Cinepam Show
16,449 views • 1 Comments
Watch the Rose Adele Joachim Interview - Cinepam Show video. The new haitian movie industry TV show. on air every...
Ayiti Mon Amour - Movie TrailerAyiti Mon Amour - Movie Trailer
Watch the movie trailer of the film Ayiti Mon Amour, directed by Guetty Felin
Haiti: Ayiti Mon Amour Movie Shoot - Natural LightHaiti: Ayiti Mon Amour Movie Shoot - Natural Light
Watch this video... Cinematographer Herve Cohen is providing hands on experience to Sapha Roosevelt, an aspiring...
Homage a Languichatte Debordus, Part 1Homage a Languichatte Debordus, Part 1
Watch a video clip of Homage A Languichatte, A special sketch by troupe languichatte and banabe (Theodore Beaubrun Jr...