Haiti Movie Trailers

View the latest movie trailers for many current and upcoming Haitian movie releases.

Haiti Jacmel Journals Animeaux Domestique Photo ReportHaiti Jacmel Journals Animeaux Domestique Photo Report
Watch the Haiti Jacmel Journals Animeaux Domestique Photo Report video, Haiti
Frantz Design Movie AwardFrantz Design Movie Award
50,781 views • 5 Comments
For the first time an Academy Award nominees gathered in Queens N.Y. to presents best Haitian Actors of the years 2008.
SONSON Movie ClipSONSON Movie Clip
28,372 views • 6 Comments
Watch a clip from Haitian movie SONSON, a film by Jean Claude Bourjolly
Mwen Inosan Movie TrailerMwen Inosan Movie Trailer
24,065 views • 9 Comments
Here is the movie trailer for Haitian movie Mwen Inosan, a new film by Haitian producer Godnel Latus AKA Baby Love
Prezidan Bicha Movie Sneak PreviewPrezidan Bicha Movie Sneak Preview
35,789 views • 22 Comments
Here is a sneak peak of a new Haitian film titled Presidan Bicha. for more info about Haitian Movies and Tonton Bicha...
Le Fils Du Diable Movie TrailerLe Fils Du Diable Movie Trailer
31,928 views • 68 Comments
Watch this Haitian scary movie, Le Fils du diable, a new movie from JD Production, directed by Joan Demosthene (Tutu)
Le Fils Du Diable -  In Theaters May 4thLe Fils Du Diable - In Theaters May 4th
17,108 views • 5 Comments
What the TV Spot of Haitian Movie "Le Fils Du Diable" in theaters on May 4th. Get more info here!
Pluie d'Espoir English Trailer 2009Pluie d'Espoir English Trailer 2009
58,633 views • 1 Comments
This is the trailer of the final, completed version of Pluie d'Espoir. This movie is directed & produced by Jacques...
Fanm Se Rat Movie TrailerFanm Se Rat Movie Trailer
81,812 views • 2 Comments
Watch the Fanm Se Rat Movie Trailer, a new film by Wilfort Estimable
Brothers Posse Anne 2Brothers Posse Anne 2
Watch the Brothers Posse Anne 2 video, Brothers Posse Anne 2