Kisa Josephine Genyen Movie Trailer

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Watch the trailer of Haitian movie Kisa Josephine Genyen, a New movie by vinco production directed by Cathia Mimine Degand coming soon june 2009

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Plaintes De Toussaint says...

Dans un sombre cachot au fort de Joux, en

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Nana says...


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Bernies says...

Wow, nice trailer, did this movie come out yet, very nice. I'm actually

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Michael says...

I don't ger it! What was

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Michael says...

Ok, I get it, I do, I really do, she is not crazy, she is just foul. right, in all honesty, nice trailer.

The trailer makes me want to see more, in all honesty Good Job my Haitian

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Domimi says...

what's this movie is about?

is it about a drunk woman who sees ghost at night?

a crack head who drinks alcohol?

or a possesed alcoholic?

tell me...

don't understand it at

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Bryan Gilbert says...

though i do not know creole, i am interested to see what is wrong with

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Vivian says...

I really like this trailer, wonderful way of presenting a new movie.

I love the song and it intruges me to wanting more. Good

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Matadorox says...

Mwen mamzel ap plede kriyé, sel ti kesyon ke'm gin pou nou, se eske yon moun ta kab di'm Ki Sa Josephine

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