Haiti Movie Trailers

View the latest movie trailers for many current and upcoming Haitian movie releases.

Depote 2 Movie TrailerDepote 2 Movie Trailer
15,289 views • 9 Comments
Watch the trailer of Haitian movie Depote 2, a sequel to Depote, from producer Leo B.
Madagascar, Haitian VersionMadagascar, Haitian Version
12,888 views • 9 Comments
Watch a funny Haitian version of Movie Madagascar, Gwada Anime, rubble in the Jungle, Haitian version. It's funny as...
Selfish Love Movie TrailerSelfish Love Movie Trailer
15,641 views • 10 Comments
Trailer of the new up and coming movie selfishlove
Selfishlove Premiere TrailerSelfishlove Premiere Trailer
17,444 views • 7 Comments
This is the new trailer of the movie Selfishlove. It is being shown for the first time in North Miami on November...
Languichatte Debordus Homage Part 5Languichatte Debordus Homage Part 5
Watch the Languichatte Debordus Homage Part 5 video, Info Watch a Haiti video clip of Homage A Languichatte a special...
Haiti Designers Quest Documentary By Shy FigaroHaiti Designers Quest Documentary By Shy Figaro
Watch the Haiti Designers Quest Documentary By Shy Figaro video. This quest is about Shy Figaro, not as a fashion...
Dyab Baba 2 PreviewDyab Baba 2 Preview
Watch the Dyab Baba 2 Preview video,
L ' Imposteur Impromptu Trailer 2L ' Imposteur Impromptu Trailer 2
Watch the L ' Imposteur Impromptu Trailer 2 video. When Jacqueline thinks her dark days are over, it is just the...
Transformation Movie TrailerTransformation Movie Trailer
Watch the Transformation Movie Trailer video, starring. Watch the trailer of Haitian movie Transformation, a new film...
La Vengeance De Rodney Laura 2 Movie TrailerLa Vengeance De Rodney Laura 2 Movie Trailer
19,389 views • 2 Comments
Watch the Laura2 La Vengeance De Rodney video, Le tout dernier film de Valentin C lustra starring Onipe Auguste, Jean...