Haiti Movie Trailers

View the latest movie trailers for many current and upcoming Haitian movie releases.

Oh Dieu Protege Mon Mariage Movie TrailerOh Dieu Protege Mon Mariage Movie Trailer
Watch the Oh Dieu Protege Mon Mariage Movie Trailer a Johnny Fleurinord film directed by Johnny Fleurinord and...
Xtreme Blue Trailer 2Xtreme Blue Trailer 2
50,238 views • 2 Comments
A new movie by Herold Israel. With Michelle Judith Jeudy, Harris Latortue, Frero Jean-Baptiste, Paul-Henry Athis...
Player 1/2 Movie TrailerPlayer 1/2 Movie Trailer
64,496 views • 3 Comments
Watch the Player 1/2 Movie Trailer video, Player 1/2 is a Kulturmax production
I Love You 2 Movie TrailerI Love You 2 Movie Trailer
45,305 views • 13 Comments
Watch the trailer for the new movie I Love You 2, A feature film by Haitian-American filmmaker Nerlin Stfleur.
Crazy Love - Official Movie Teaser TrailerCrazy Love - Official Movie Teaser Trailer
Watch the Crazy Love movie trailer - The first of several promo clips from the upcoming movie Crazy Love. Set in...
VIDEO: Heroes Reborn - Official Movie TrailerVIDEO: Heroes Reborn - Official Movie Trailer
Watch the video... Jimmy Jean Louis returns as "The Haitian" in Heroes Reborn... See the full-length trailer for...
Pwofon Lanmou movie trailerPwofon Lanmou movie trailer
42,030 views • 36 Comments
Sherline is an haitian immigrant who come to nyc with the help of her aunt marise. Marise's husband is a real estate...
Haiti's Hidden Treasures Part 2 TrailerHaiti's Hidden Treasures Part 2 Trailer
18,459 views • 4 Comments
Watch the Haiti's Hidden Treasures Part 2 video, A One Hour Documentary showcasing Haiti's rich culture and marvelous...
Haiti Bataille De VertieresHaiti Bataille De Vertieres
Watch the Vertieres Haiti Bataille De Vertieres video, Verti res video clip from Haiti's Hidden Treasures II VERTIERES...
Original Remo 3, Inosan pa sipoze peye pou koupab, Movie TrailerOriginal Remo 3, Inosan pa sipoze peye pou koupab, Movie Trailer
10,288 views • 1 Comments
Watch the Original Remo 3 Inosan pa sipoze peye pou koupab Movie Trailer Movielakay video, Original Remo 3 Movie...