Titles: Remo 3

Names: Sheila Pierre

Sheila Pierre Remo 3

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Here is a photo of Haitian actress Sheila Pierre on the set of Remo #3

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Robertho says...

That's my baby right there, i love you boo. That's my girlfriend everyone

We official right now. she aint

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Robb says...

She is

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Dj says...

Wrong person, wrong movie

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Dj says...

Sheila very good actress.

My favorite Haitian

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Dj says...

Sheila shone, she needs to stop datin young

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D says...

wowww!!! is all i can say >> don't ever give up. U r very talented.


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Bob says...

Si sèvyèt te genyen zye, ala wè yo ta

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Vady says...


I think you are the bomb!I just love your body and your acting is so natural.You broke so many rules in the history of Haitian movies.

I like you girl. Way to

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Georges says...

dem lil mama please tell me u

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Anderson Lohier says...

i think you are fantastic and fine too. although beeing a star can be very hard on you i'm pretty sure you truly can handle the pressure they're been given you .i honestly think you the best of all haitian actresses that ever existed trust me on that my dear, i hope the haitian people understand your ability and the gift that you have which very rare to found great talent like yourself.

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