Haiti Movie Trailers

View the latest movie trailers for many current and upcoming Haitian movie releases.

Resulta movie TrailerResulta movie Trailer
108,990 views • 17 Comments
Watch the movie trailer of Haitian movie Resulta a new movie by Luphete Valcourt
Matlot 2 Movie TrailerMatlot 2 Movie Trailer
70,103 views • 4 Comments
Watch the Matlot 2 movie preview, a new film by Godnel Latus aka Baby Love starring Starring Marie Lyne Dorcely...
We Love You Anne Movie TrailerWe Love You Anne Movie Trailer
208,761 views • 7 Comments
Watch the We Love You Anne movie trailer, a new film Directed by Richard Senecal
Island StarIsland Star
Watch the Island Star video, The contestants of Island Star live on islandstartv com
Rev Mwen Movie TrailerRev Mwen Movie Trailer
34,057 views • 3 Comments
Tonton Dezirab dreams oft traveling to a foreign contry suddenly becomes reality. He is now living with a big patron...
Choix et consequences Movie trailerChoix et consequences Movie trailer
39,384 views • 1 Comments
Watch the trailer of the movie Choix et consequences, a new haitian movie from Haiti Feat jerome Rosny Lamartine...
Gwo Siwo E Fan M Pa Dra Movie TrailerGwo Siwo E Fan M Pa Dra Movie Trailer
Watch the Gwo Siwo E Fan M Pa Dra Movie Trailer video, Charmy M film Gwo siwo se yon neg ki pa gen ban n kap pran...
Bondie Papa-m Nan movie TrailerBondie Papa-m Nan movie Trailer
Watch the Bondie Papa-m Nan movie trailer. This is the story of Brittany a young girl, who was raise in...
Crazy Love - Official Movie Trailer #2Crazy Love - Official Movie Trailer #2
The first of several promo clips from the upcoming movie Crazy Love. SOUTH FLORIDA PREMIERE ON 09-24-11.... COMING...
The Making Of Crazy Love - WelcomeThe Making Of Crazy Love - Welcome
Watch the The Making Of Crazy Love - Welcome video, First in a series of clips on the making of Crazy Love the movie...