Aristide and the Endless Revolution Trailer

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Watch the trailer of "Aristide and the Endless Revolution" the events that led to Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's ouster in 2004

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Neremy Toussaint says...

I think there is more to this movie,,which can not be seenig,,i mean with the U.S and The Haiti Gov..there got to be more to this

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Francois Peralte says...


i have seen it twice.

the website is but i ordered a copy on
amazon as well.
a good movie for those interested in making
your own well informed judgement about what
happend in

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William says...

oh Aristide sa kap faite?

listen jodia mammam'm pa la. li aler leglise, la'l chercher pou Bondie benit coeur li, so Mon Cher president map tou profiter pou-m di ou vine prend deux coute tafia avek nou non, ki sa ou penser?

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Richard M Joseph Iii says...

The trailer is interesting.

I hope the movie is going to be nice.
Well, it looks like a documentary of past events.

Anyway, it ought to be a very interesting movie.

Congrats to the former

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Anderson says...

I would like to buy this DVD, is anyhone can tell me where i can get

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James says...

Is this docmmnentary on DVD yet?

if so where can I get

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