Haiti Movie Trailers

View the latest movie trailers for many current and upcoming Haitian movie releases.

Konsyans Koupab Movie TrailerKonsyans Koupab Movie Trailer
20,353 views • 11 Comments
A young Miami party girl got kicked out of her parents' home then moved to Orlando, FL. Where she helped a detective...
La Vie Nan Bouk La, Papa Pie, Frederic, Bos MacelLa Vie Nan Bouk La, Papa Pie, Frederic, Bos Macel
56,348 views • 1 Comments
Watch La Vi nan Bouk La with Papa Pie, Frederic, bos macel, and gracie
Lavi Nan Etazini 2Lavi Nan Etazini 2
33,476 views • 3 Comments
Watch the Lavi Nan Etazini 2 video, Lavi Nan Etazini 2 written and directed by Roney Jean Jacques This film is about...
L ' Imposteur Impromptu Trailer 2L ' Imposteur Impromptu Trailer 2
Watch the L ' Imposteur Impromptu Trailer 2 video. When Jacqueline thinks her dark days are over, it is just the...
Bed Of Lies Short FilmBed Of Lies Short Film
Watch the Bed Of Lies Short Film video. Young man cheating on his wife when he finds out his life is in danger it's...
Belle Enfant Noire Movie TrailerBelle Enfant Noire Movie Trailer
Watch the trailer of Haitian Movie Belle Enfant Noire starring Haitian Hip Hop artist Black Alex
The Innocent Victim Movie Teaser Trailer 2The Innocent Victim Movie Teaser Trailer 2
Watch The Innocent Victim Movie Teaser Trailer, Un Film De Jn. Michel Galumette Avec Jn Michel Galumette, Stanley...
Player 1/2 Movie Trailer 2Player 1/2 Movie Trailer 2
Watch the Player 1/2 Movie trailer 2 video, a kulturmax production
Sinema Anba Zetwal 1 2Sinema Anba Zetwal 1 2
Watch the Sinema Anba Zetwal 1 2 video, 1st tour of cinema under the stars in Haiti's provinces by FONDATION MWEM
Movie Haiti Through My Eyes, Lutza, on Deco DriveMovie Haiti Through My Eyes, Lutza, on Deco Drive
12,409 views • 1 Comments
watch a clip of the show deco drive featuring Haitian super model Lutza.