SAN PAPYE Teaser Trailer 2

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Titles: San Papye

Watch SAN PAPYE Movie Teaser Trailer 2 Written, Produced and Directed by Hans Patrick Domercant

Tags: San Papye, Marcus Darbouze, Erlich Dorelas, Gladys Bien-Aime, Roro Nelson, Sylvane Simon, Barbara Cajuste, David Cange, Anrino Destinoble., Movie Trailers & Previews

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Aguillard says...

Hey guys when this movie will finally come out gen 2 movie green card ki soti yo pa remet anyen se pou sa nou pran temps konsa i hope you know whats you doing paske trop prese pa bay sevre men nou fe moun souffri troppe.

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Patricia says...

SAN PAPYE that title remind me my life 5 years ago i hope you guys deliver in that movie as much information as you can, i hope you show not only the Haitian community, the world the real life of an undocumented immigrant in America.

J'apprecie beaucoup votre "TRAILER" it's good.

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James Godard says...

I really like this trailer, nice work, mwen swete selman nou pa remet menm tintin Green Card la.


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Jean Samson says...

Anpil effort i like this trailer very much and i think its well realized better than the green card movie trailer guys bon travail i'm with you...

kenbe la map rete tann

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Junia Saint Vil says...

Excellent trailer the best so far keep up the good work guys i'm really

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Fabienne Brutus says...

Patrick je ne sais pas si tu te souviens de moi je suis Fabienne Brutus on s'est rencontré a New york Ritz camera appel moi au 212-877-8760.

je te souhaites beaucoup de success ton film fait déjà la une des journaux a paris.c'est tres important appel moi ou ecris moi au fabienbr at

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Martine Perpignant says...

i was wonder why Marcus is running away like that is that for the immigration officers that's funny i really like the trailer guys keep up the good

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Junior Clair St Vil says...

Monche you right, trailer a ba ou gou pou gade movie a men jan ou di a neg yo pran troppe tan ak movie saa.Sa nap regle toujou, tifi pastè 2 soti sou nou, les voleurs soti sou nou men green card ap soti sou nou anko sa nap rete tann.

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Denise Jean says...

Mesye i impress by your trailer ...but fok mwen di nou nou pran troppe temps ak movie saa
Director di peuple la kile movie saa ap soti sa pral fe deja 1 an depi yap pale de film saa sou

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Jean Marie says...

when this movie will come out i really like the trailer

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