Destiny movie trailer 2

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Titles: Destiny (I)

watch the new movie trailer for Haitian movie Destiny, a film produced by John Desinor

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Zopope says...

it's so weird to see haitian shooting or kisssing in movies.

My people are always litle Angels in heart.

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Mz Lady says...

oh my god i think i'm so late. reason why cause i was talking to a friend of my earlier he sent me to this website called belfim and i happen to stop bye and watch some hatian movie trailers in i have to say dat i'm really proud of my haitian people cause i happen to see dis movie trailer called destiny in i want to say dat trailer really caught
my attention.

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Ms Thickness says...

hey i have not been on belfim for a while but now i'm back but at same time i'm just passing throught destiny comments box in say hi to all da crew specially da producer of destiny john harris desinord.just wanna say i can't wait to go see da miracle u have for us out their dats waiting on dis movie just wanna tell yall i'm so excited to go see da movie in i blelieve on dis one dat i will be see satisfied for da year of 2008.jsut can't wait to go meet all da acters and da producer.And also can i ask you a question is it really your time to shine (LOL) let me know mr john harris desinord.

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Nathalie Cherenfant says...

my girl did up go guerdy from Nathalie and Jacky in Boston

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Joseph Comeau Jjakomo says...

This one will on top of all the haitian movies that has been done.

job welldone.

It's time to restore the good communication with Hollywood in term of a mega

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Marcus says...

destiny is a very good preview but don't know if he can beat the trace so we are all out there we will stay tune to watch to see wats going

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Denita says...

I agree, destiny trailler is very hot. I have to appologized to mr. john harris desinor the producer for my previous comments because I wasn't sure about those three action movies you guys are competing against.

I totaly missunderstood it. Now I understand and I want to say destiny trailer is hot and I wish you and the actors all the sucess.

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Louissaint says...

After watching the trailers, Personnaly I vote for DESTINY as the best ib acting, presentation & professionalism.

Keep on going

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Patricia says...

Ronald ou se yon bel ti

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Sharon Leblanc says...

finaly haitian come with an action movie.

i can't wait to see it. congratulation on your new movie ! wish you the best john harris and the rest of the crew. i'm gonna say the same thing as one of your interviewee(" i think this movie has is place in

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