Haiti Movie Photos

Player 1/2 movie premierePlayer 1/2 movie premiere

Player 1/2 movie premiere

Kaymar CompasKaymar B Compas

Here is picture of Haitian Actor/Director Kaymar B Compas

Bwe Tafya grand premiereBwe Tafya grand premiere

Bwe Tafya grand premiere pictures

Le Prix Payer Official Movie posterLe Prix A Payer Official Movie poster

Here is the official movie poster of Haitian movie Le Prix A Payer, a new movie by Mora...

Temptation Movie PremierTemptation Movie Premier

Temptation Movie Premier @ Shores Theater, Miami, FL

Un Plaisir Mortel Movie PicturesUn Plaisir Mortel Movie Pictures

Here is a pictures taken behind the scenes of Haitian movie Up Plaisir Mortel, a new...

Xtreme Blue Behind ScenesXtreme Blue, Behind The Scenes

Here is a picture taken behind the scenes during the shooting of Haitian movie Xtreme...

2 SE Paparazzi Movie Screening Ft2 SE - Paparazzi - Movie Screening, Ft Lauderdale FL

Here is a photo taken at the Movie screening of Haitian film 2 SE (Two Sisters) and the...

Treme Blue Official Movie PosterX-Treme Blue Official Movie Poster

Here is a close-up picture of Michelle Judith Jeudy in the official movie poster of...

Resulta Movie PhotosResulta Movie Photos

Here is a behind the scenes pictures of Haitian movie Resulta a new film by Luphete...

Bwe Tafya Respeke Boutey movieBwe Tafya Respeke Boutey movie poster

here is the official movie poster of Haitian movie Bwe Tafya Respeke Boutey.

Actors Arriving NYC Haitian MovieActors Arriving For The NYC Haitian Movie Awards

Here is a photo of Haitian actors arriving in New York for the 2011 Bellywood Frantz...