Haiti Movie Photos

Sheila Pierre Remo 3Sheila Pierre Remo 3

Here is a photo of Haitian actress Sheila Pierre on the set of Remo #3


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Matlot 2 Movie Premiere PhotoMatlot 2 Movie Premiere Photo

Look at this picture, Matlot 2 Red Carpet Movie Premiere photo, taken at the North Miami...

La Trace Movie Production PhotosLa Trace Movie Production Photos

Here is a new behind the scene production pictures for Haitian movie La Trace. a new...

Le President il Le SidaLe President A T-il Le Sida

Hard Times Movie PosterHard Times Movie Poster

Here is the official movie poster for Haitian movie Hard times, a new film by Leonard...

Jimmy Jean LouisJimmy Jean Louis

Haitian Hollywood Actor Jimmy Jean Louis holding a child at a Hospital in Haiti. Jimmy...

Blofe Movie Behind ScenesBlofe Movie, Behind The Scenes

Here is a picture taken behind the scenes of Haitian movie BLOFE, a new film by Kaymar B...

Night Vegas Movie PosterOne Night in Vegas - Movie Poster

Here is the movie poster of the African movie One Night in Vegas, starring Yvonne...

Love Anne Movie PosterWe Love You Anne Movie Poster

Here is a movie poster for Haitian movie We Love You Anne, a film by Richard Senecal.

Benz Antoine Sarodj BertinBenz Antoine, Sarodj Bertin

Here is a photo of Benz Antoine and Sarodj Bertin - Hosts of 2013 Haitian Movie Awards

La Trace Miami Movie PremiereLa Trace Miami Movie Premiere

Here is a picture taken at the public grand premiere of Haitian movie La Trace, a new...