Haiti Movie Photos

Divorce ConsequencesDivorce & Consequences

Here is a snapshot of the movie Divorce & Consequences a new film by Ralph WIlliam Bien...

Le president il Le SidaLe president a t'il Le Sida

Suppress Emotions Movie BehindSuppress Emotions Movie - Behind The Scenes

Here is a photo from behind the scenes ot the SUPPRESS EMOTIONS, a new film by Saintanor...

phat girlzphat girlz

Resulta Movie PhotosResulta Movie Photos

Here is a behind the scenes pictures of Haitian movie Resulta a new film by Luphete...

Ti Fi Paste 2Ti Fi Paste-a 2

Here are some still photographs from upcoming Haitian film Ti Fi Paste-a 2.

La Trace Premiere Boat CruiseLa Trace Premiere Boat Cruise

Here is a picture taken aboard the Sea Escape's haititravelblog.com Island Adventure...

Johnny Fleurinord Aka Tonton NordJohnny Fleurinord Aka Tonton Nord, Peforming In Haiti

Here is a photo of Johnny 'TONTON NORD' Fleurinord in Haiti

Carlo St ElotCarlo St Elot

Here is the official movie poster for Haitian movie The 2 Weapons Of Life

Pour Lamour de susiePour Lamour de susie

Birth Assassin MovieBirth Of An Assassin Movie

Here is a photo taken behind the scenes of Haitian movie The Birth Of An Assassin, a new...


Official Movie Poster