Haiti Movie Photos

Michelle Judith JeudyMichelle Judith Jeudy

Sheila Pierre Remo 3Sheila Pierre Remo 3

Here is a photo of Haitian actress Sheila Pierre on the set of Remo #3

Fabienne ColasFabienne Colas

Photos © FabienneColas.com

Xtreme Blue Behind ScenesXtreme Blue, Behind The Scenes

Here is a picture taken behind the scenes during the shooting of Haitian movie Xtreme...

Widmack BelotR. Widmack Belot

here is a picture of Haitian Actor/Director Richard Widmack belot

Actor Jean Robert St-ThelusActor Jean Robert St-Thelus

Here is a photo of Haitian actor Jean Robert St-Thelus

Natacha Bien-AimeNatacha Bien-Aime

Natacha Bien-Aime is a new Haitian actres out of the Philadelphia Haitian Diaspora.

African Actor Van VickerAfrican Actor Van Vicker

Here is a picture of African Actor Van Vicker

Reginald LubinReginald Lubin

Here is a movie photo taken behind the scenes of Nollywood movie Mind Games, a new film...

Hubermann SaintilHubermann Saintil

Here is a picture of Haitian actor Hubermann Saintil received during the shooting of...

Reginald lubin star Artican movieReginald lubin star in Artican movie

Here is a snapthot of Haitian actor Reginald Lubin in a new African movie starring Van...

Mind Game Official Movie PosterMind Game Official Movie Poster

Here is the the official movie movie poster of Mind Game a new film by John Ikem Uche