Haiti Cinema - Vwazinn Nan, New Haitian Movie about Rutshelle and Roody Roodboy

There is a new Haitian movie out there called VWAZIN NAN based on the recent mediatic story about Haitian music stars Rutshelle Guillaume and Roody Roodboy... Just one day after the release of the movie preview, it is already making noise on the Haitian social media network...

Vwazinn Nan Haitian Movie Photos

Vwazinn Nan Movie tells the story of two Haitian musicians Rutch (Marie Lyne Dorcely) and Roodly Boy (Tony Cineuce), a love story with a a lot of twists, jealousy and a lot more...

Watch a sneak preview of Vwazinn nan, a new film by Haitian filmmaker Godnel Latus aka BabyLove:

Here are a couple of still photos from the movie Vwazinn nan...

What do you think about that???

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Neph says...

That's not fair at all. You guys should have respect for Rutshelle and Roody.

They didn't give you any accord to create thar movie.

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Marie Joseph says...

So I think it would be nice I would love to watch it but I already saw the sneak peak of the movie but I don't like what rutshelle did....

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Subject: Haiti Cinema - Vwazinn Nan, New Haitian Movie about Rutshelle and Roody Roodboy edit

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