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Haiti Cinema Update - Trying to bring back the Belfim movie database Haitian actors and filmmakers were so addicted to

The Haitian movie database (BELFIM) has been on a deep sleep the last few years due to lack of support from the Haitian movie industry. We are...

Abi, New Haitian Movie Relased on DVD

There is a new Haitian movie just released on DVD called "ABI" A film by Marie Lynn Dorcely, "Abi" stars Godnel Latus and a list of other actors...

Association Haitienne des Cineastes - New Elections

Haitian association of Filmmakers (Association Haitienne des Cineastes - AHC) held elections yesterday for new board members. Here is what we know...

Movies Nights at the Haitian Embassy starting tonight at 7PM

We have just been informed that there will be a movie night at the Haitian Embassy in Washington DC tonight, Thursday September 16, 2010 at 7:00pm...

Haiti Cinema - Watch New Videos Just Added

We have just approved a 6 new movie trailers, movie clips and documentaries on Belfim, Take a minute to browse through the Belfim video section to...

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