Haiti Movie Photos

Georges Clooney Awarded EmmyGeorges Clooney Awarded Emmy Award For Helping Haiti

George Clooney will be awarded the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award at the Emmy Awards...

La Trace Premiere Boat CruiseLa Trace Premiere Boat Cruise

Here is a picture taken aboard the Sea Escape's M/V Island Adventure Cruise Ship on...

Matlot Movie Filming HaitiMatlot Movie - Filming in Haiti

Here is a photo taken behind the scenes of Haitian movie Matlot #2 while filming in...

La Peur AimerLa Peur D'Aimer

Here are some Production stillshots of Haitian movie La Peur D'Aimer

Ti Fi Paste 2 PremiereTi Fi Paste-a 2 Premiere

Ti Fi Paste a 2 Grand Premiere - Picture by Ricardo St Cyr

Cousines MovieCousines Movie

Snapshots from Haitian Movie Cousines, courtesy of Will Brothers Entertainment

Jean Gardy Bien Aime Godnel LatusJean Gardy Bien Aime, Godnel Latus, Samuel Vincent working together

Here is a rare photo of 3 Haitian filmmakers, Jean Gardy Bien Aime, Godnel Latus, Samuel...

Movie Premiere Gala PhotoMovie Premiere Gala Photo

Here is a movie premiere gala photo taken during the club des artistes 4th annual gala...

Michelle Judith JeudyMichelle Judith Jeudy

Kira AndreKira Andre

Here is a photo of actress and model Kira Andre

Vandame Gerard NaderVandame & Gerard Nader

Here are some production photos taken behind the scenes during the filming of Haitian...

Alyssa MilanoAlyssa Milano

Here is a photo of Hollywood actress Allyssa Milano. Photo from her official website