Haiti Movie Photos

Bicha Anne love anneBicha & Anne in I love you anne

Still Photograph from Haitian movie I Love You Anne

Ti Fi Paste 2 PremiereTi Fi Paste-a 2 Premiere

Here are some more pictures of the Premiere of Ti Fi Pastea 2 - Photo by Belfim.com

Verona LaguerreVerona Laguerre

Look at this photo... Verona Laguerre, Haitian-American Actress, Screenwriter...

2 Weapons LifeThe 2 Weapons Of Life

Here are some pictures from behind the scenes of The 2 Weapons of Life, a Carlos Saint...

Cadet Max MarthelyCadet Max Marthely

Here are some production photos taken behind the scenes during the filming of Haitian...

Kerby LeveilleKerby Leveille

Photo of Haitian Haitian movie director Kerby Leveille

Love AnneI Love You Anne

I Love You Anne Movie Stillshot

Chomeco Movie PosterChomeco Movie Poster

Here is the movie poster for Haitian movie Chomeco by Richard J. Arens

Un Plaisir Mortel Official MovieUn Plaisir Mortel Official Movie Poster

Here is the Official Movie Poster of Haitian omvie Un Plaisir Mortel, a new film by...

Li Se Manman Grand PremiereLi Se Manman-m Grand Premiere

Here is a picture taken during the grand premiere of Haitian movie Li Se Manman-m. The...

La Trace Miami Movie PremiereLa Trace Miami Movie Premiere

Here is a picture taken at the public grand premiere of Haitian movie La Trace, a new...

Echec MovieEchec Movie

Here is picture taken behind the scenes of Haitian movie Echec, a new film by Andre...