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I am Haitian I always want to be in Haitian movies since I was little more »
Yvania Muscadum, 12/04/16 1:16 PM
Comments i love it more »
Eslinevoltaire, 11/01/16 5:41 PM
j'aime ta façon more »
James, 10/31/16 10:53 AM
Si w vle konn sak fe yon fanm dous...Al li atik sa...klike sou lien sa..... more »
Fanm Dous, 10/09/16 4:51 PM
I have my cousin in Haiti he is new in the business he had couple movies in the market... more »
My Name Is Robenson, 10/09/16 10:48 AM
Please I would like to have woy les voila episodes could u send me on my email I will... more »
Evelyne Rosefort, 09/16/16 11:42 PM
Trè bèl movie mwen ta vel wè l more »
Jean, 08/30/16 9:57 PM
Begom ak dema more »
Marc-diane Nazaire, 08/18/16 3:44 PM
Begin ak dema michou part 18 more »
Marc-diane Nazaire, 08/18/16 3:41 PM
Film reconciliation by Gary agent more »
Marc-diane Nazaire, 08/18/16 3:37 PM