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OMG, I can't wait to see that movie and get my DVD more »
Jean, 11/17/15 6:12 AM
J'espere que tu vas rester ainsi qui veux dire simple pr que je n'entend plus rien male... more »
Johana, 10/26/15 10:28 AM
That's my baby right there, i love you boo. That's my girlfriend... more »
Robertho, 09/26/15 9:28 AM
She is single more »
Robb, 09/26/15 9:17 AM
Wrong person, wrong movie comment. more »
Dj, 09/26/15 2:15 AM
Sheila very good actress. My favorite Haitian actress.???????????????????????? more »
Dj, 09/26/15 2:13 AM
Disregard. Wrong person. Sheila very good actress.n beautiful too. Loved by many people... more »
Dj, 09/26/15 2:11 AM
Sheila shone, she needs to stop datin young boys more »
Dj, 09/26/15 1:39 AM
Un très beau film, je vous souhaite bonne chance a l'avenir. more »
Ketlyne Cameau, 09/20/15 8:58 PM
Mwen ta ren we pi bel bouzin la saline more »
Ralph, 09/08/15 8:44 AM