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About time Haiti God bless more »
Hermann, 12/18/15 2:42 PM
Mw. Renmen sa more »
Pierre Jean Widens, 12/10/15 11:58 PM
Slt!mwen felisite moun ki te gen ide ekrim fim sa li gen anpil talan,sa fèm santi... more »
Lourdia Ulysse, 12/10/15 10:19 PM
Bnsr distribite Mw ta renmen gen video vwazinn nan. more »
Exalus, 12/10/15 2:55 PM
Sa a belle more »
Manasse Polimice, 12/10/15 2:29 PM
This movie is amazing, I really hope they had another one coming out. more »
Phafoune23, 11/30/15 9:09 PM
Nice movie boyz! Love it. 2thumbs up. Just choose 1language to speak. That's all more »
Kaykay, 11/29/15 6:04 PM
Good job boys! But 1 little advice, either you make a movie in creole only or in english... more »
Kaykay, 11/29/15 4:52 PM
Looks very professional and beautiful. more »
Elie, 11/27/15 1:47 PM
I need to see that movie more »
Median, 11/27/15 1:12 AM