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Good job mister President. more »
Frantz Jean, 10/31/17 9:29 AM
Hmmm kotew we Ayisyen ye laa se mouri yap tann ou mouri pou yo voyew monte. Podiab m te... more »
Derby Guerrier, 10/18/17 2:02 PM
I was looking for this movie everywhere couldn't find it le destin de Caroline I use to... more »
Sophie, 10/03/17 6:53 PM
I have friends that know her, she does sleep with some married men. more »
Jo, 09/24/17 5:27 PM
That girl, i heard she slept around some more »
Jo, 09/24/17 5:20 PM
Quand était-il la dernière fois que vous êtes allé au cinéma en... more »
Haiti Cinema, 07/31/17 9:02 AM
How can I register my films or works with Belfim? more »
Gonzales Joseph, 07/30/17 12:27 PM
Hey, that's great news. I'll be more than happy to provide you with some updates on my... more »
Patrick Ulysse, 07/27/17 12:14 PM
This is good news to my ears. I am a great fan of Belfim and I really miss the constant... more »
Haitian Movie Fan, 07/27/17 11:05 AM
Belle, Belle Movie, sans reproche, bravo Fabienne Colas. more »
Lesly Victor, 03/27/17 3:58 PM