Grann Mia Movie Trailer

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Titles: Gran-n Mia
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Grann Mia is a new Haitian movie by producer Jean Michel Galumette.

Video Comments (6)

Tyrone C. Richet says...

that movie gran'n mia was so ghetto.

i can understand that we're trying hard as haitians by being creative but, some of our haitian actors are not quite ready and prepared to do movies.

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Mylourhah says...

I would like for this film producer whatever they want to call themselves to stop copying.Moun sa te bezwen fe tankou "Madea"sa pa kanpe sou anyen.

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Steve says...

mwen dako ak ou 100% gin grimas moun sa yo ap fe mwen mande eske se gran pere yo yo bay kimbe yon kamera epi yo di yap fe film mezanmi al lekol pou nou ka prezante yon bon bagay mwen bouke ak tintin sa yo scenariste yo svp apran ecri perdu yon ti tan al lekol epi len fin ekri yon bon film chache yon bon film chache yon bon producteur ak yon bon realisateur pa bay ki nenpot kokorat shoute film la pou nou

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E J says...

Not well produce.

Need people with good talent, need well train camera man and producers

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Irlaine says...

Hubermann, Yo di w non ou di wi!
Hubermann, Koman w ye?

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Gasonkolokint says...

kibe la hubermann, wap byen fel la, keep up the good work

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