PHOTO: Cine Triomphe, Port-au-Prince Haiti

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Look at this photo... Newly renovated Cine Triomphe at Champs-de-Mars, Port-au-Prince Haiti

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Haiti Cinema - All the Haitian Movie Theaters have disappeared, what happened?

When was the last time you went to the movies in Haiti? What happened to Cine Triomphe? Haitian radio journalists are complaining, no one is investing in leisure in Haiti. All the Haitian movie theaters are gone.

Haiti Cinema - Cine Triomphe re-opens with 2 Haitian Movies playing Everyday starting Sunday

Haiti Cinema Update -- Cine Triomphe is re-opening its doors for movies... Playing this Sunday are 2 Haitian movies: L'Infirmière à Domicile and Le Seigneur des Prostituées...

Haiti Cinema - Cine Triomphe closed until further notice

Haiti Cinema Update -- The doors of Cine Triomphe are closed until further notice... According to a credible source, Cine Triomphe is closed due to internal conflicts in terms of management between Ministere de la Culture and Banque de la Republique d'Haiti (BRH).

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Hermann says...

About time Haiti God

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