Titles: La Trace

Names: Serge Pierre, Richard Beauvais, Eddy Nelson, Andre Antoine, Lesly Charles (II)

La Trace Official Movie Poster

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Here is the Official Movie Poster of Haitian movie Latrace, a movie produced by Kerby Leveille

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Mesadieu J-r says...

Movie sa yo min-m ! yo pap soti anko?

map tan-n yo pou-m wè vré si haitien ka fè on bon movie action.

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Joanne Lemoine says...

Good News Guys....

La Trace's poster was selected in Martinique Film Festival as the best haitian action poster.

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Naomie Bien Aime says...

Hi Guy how are you doing?

I would like to know when La trace Movie will be on DVD because I want to watch it so bad. I heard that Ti is a very nice movie and the Grande Premiere was so perfect.

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Beatrice Calvin says...

Hi Guys,

I have been watching you for so long and now I want to take the opportunity to tell you Congratulatons...You did a very great job. I am still waitting the DVD I will see in Haiti soon because I saw the SPOT on PVS. This is the only Haitian Movie that beleive in promotion.

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Nerline Louis says...

Hi Guys,
According to a source close from latrace I just inform that latrace Movie Production is working on a serious project with some americans super star from Hollywood.

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Benjamin Jules says...

When the movie will be out on DVD.I saw the trailer in Haiti on PVS and I heard that will be a grande premiere in Canada and Haiti.

Please it is time to come on

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Bety Nemorin says...

Hi guys you did a very great job on the poster and the trailer please let me know when the DVDs will come out.Don't forget I want to be in the next

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Jerry Dominique says...

I heard la Trace is going to show up in Haiti especialy at Pernier, Cayes, Cap, Port de Paix, Mirebalais, Ouanaminthe, Fort-Liberte, Dahabon, Jacmel, Gonaives, St Marc, Leogane, Petit Goave.

Bravo La trace pour cette tournee nationale.

I hope you make

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Lesley Thomas says...

congratulations guys. you have a million dollar project in your hands.

i am sorry to take so long to add my comments.

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Patricia Joseph says...

This is very nice poster and I heard that movie is so great.

I can not wait to see the Boom

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