Desma Duclair

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Here is a picture of Haitian actor Desma Duclair

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Moise Richardson says...

Desma gave a, great performance in a movie based in miami's about who goes thru lots of tribulations.

He gets fired from his jobs then he meers, meets, nurse ..

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Tony Delerme says...

Christopher you are correct, but If your doing a Haitian movie in America you must also tell the story accurately.

your main characters are Haitian and its great to have them speak creole to one another, but when one of them go to work chances are some if not most of his co workers speak english.

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Christopher says...

I don't think that we have to do all the movie in english in other to make more money, a lot of countries they are doing movies and get some good income without doing them in english.

first of all our nation need to be educated, second of all what about our language, our culture so you will use a different language to let people know about you....

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Hazel says...

I think all the Haitian movies should be written in English to so other people can go and enjoy it. and also it can make more money.

Just like the Spanish people their movies be in English.

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Hazel Augustelinda says...

Usually I don't watch Haitian movies but since I seen a few movies with you in there desma declair.

makes me wanna watch Haitian movies you doing a great job. Keep up the good work. I love to see my Haitian people doing their thing.

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