A Haitian Movie Fan is Really Pissed, Find out why

A Haitian movie fan is ticked off at the Haitian people who give more love and respect to Non Haitian actors on Belfim than they give to their own Haitian Actors.

Belfim Stock Photos
Belfim Stock Photos

Here is a quote from a message posted on our Haiti Cinema Fans Blog:

"All other nationalities can live in peace in Haiti [except Haitians]"

"You will never hear an African give Reginald Lubin love like this, Mora Etienne, Samuel Vincent, Baby Love, Carlo St-Elot, Jean Gardy Bien-aime, Ti Will (Wilfort Estimable) from Canada, or Frantz Design."


"Right here in our face (on Belfim.com), Look what is happening"

"This is a Shame, we [Haitians] will never move forward."

Read more here: Podiab Pou Haitiens, Sa Se Wont posted by Observer 2 or you can REPLY THIS COMMENT here.

This outburst came from the amount of positive comments that African movie star Van Vicker is getting on Belfim.com.

It is safe to assume that this is the case since he is the only known African movie star on Belfim for his role in new Haitian movie Meet My Cousin

Apparently the Haitian movie fan is upset because we Haitians tend to trash what is ours and praise all things foreign.

If we consider what is currently happening in America with the bail out of the American car manufacturers, I think you would agree that, had there been "Haitian Car Manufacturers", Haitians would most likely say "To Hell with Haitian car makers... Buy Japanese..." without taking into account the amount of Jobs and an economy that relies so heavily on the manufacturing and consumption of Haitian cars.

We know where this problem comes from: SLAVERY and an inferiority complex that we learned in school in Haiti (Trust me, I know more about Bertrand d'Orgeron than I know about Alexandre Petion)

Now... How do we address it and how do we FIX it?

I cannot wait to read your answer

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