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Gecha - July 31 2007, 5:09 PM

I am not talking about The American Industy here ok, if i wanted to do that there's plenty of spaces i could do that. I'm talking about the Haitian Movie Industry that is growing Rapidly, it is important to me and alot of people that i've had discussion with that we have originality, Uniqueness.

SO just because the American industry do it therefore we should do it too?

No there is no place for COPYCAT here.

I'm not bashing anyone and how is bashing someone would be important to me?

what pleasure would i get out of doing that?

i'm just simply telling the truth, it is not right for someone to go ahead and copy somebody else's idea and try to get credit for it. I will always point them out as long as i know. So tell your friend to bring some original work in the "HAITIAN" market ok.

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Just because you see something for the first time is...

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At the end of the day my friend it's all about money...

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