It'a all about the benjamin

Observer - July 31 2007, 10:27 PM

At the end of the day my friend it's all about money.

some people want to be remembered for being original, others just want to make money.

personnaly, I want the Haitian movie producers to have big fat bank accounts.

if hollywood is making millions by copying otherswho are we not to do the same?

You can complain about originality all you want, if you've never seen it before, that makes it original to you.

the truth is you will never know where they copy it from.

If you take foreing idea, you use haitian actors, Haitian scenes, the movie is in creole, you add a little bit of haitian culture in it, that makes it a Haitian movie.

who cares where the inspiration comes from.

I say copy until you can do better.

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I am not talking about The American Industy here ok...

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See it people like you that bring crap to the haitian...

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