Just because you see it for the first time

Observer - July 30 2007, 7:59 PM

Just because you see something for the first time is doesn't mean the it's original.

it might be original to you and the market you are in.

The americans do it all the time, they will copy a movie from another market and make it an americam movie.

example "La Femme Nikita", "Desperado" they don't care about the few who think it's not original only the millions they will make with everyone who have seen it for the first time and have no clue that the original movie was made in france.

Can we drop the original discussion, right now Haitian movie makers need to focus on image quality and movies that can sell.

As long as it's original to the Haitian market, in don't care.

Here is a list of American Movies that are copies of French Movies:

Algiers (1938) from Pépé le Moko (1937)
And God Created Woman (1988) from Et Dieu...

créa la femme (1956)
The Associate (1996) from L'Associé (1979)
The Birdcage (1996) from La Cage aux Folles (1978)
Blame It on Rio (1984) from Un moment d'égarement (1977)
Breathless (1983) from À bout de souffle (1960)
Buddy Buddy (1981) from L'Emmerdeur (1973)
Cousins (1989) from Cousin, cousine (1975)
Diabolique (1996) from Les Diaboliques (1955)
Down and Out in Beverly Hills (1986) from Boudu Saved from Drowning (1932)
EdTV (1999) from Louis 19, Le roi des ondes (1994)
Fanny (1961) from Fanny (1932)
Fathers' Day (1997) from Les Compères (1983)
Human Desire (1954) from La Bête humaine (1938)
Intersection (1994) from Les choses de la vie (1970)
Lydia (1941) from Un carnet de bal (1937)
The Man with One Red Shoe (1985) from Le Grand blond avec une chaussure noire (1972)
The Man Who Loved Women (1983) from L'homme qui aimait les femmes (1977)
Men Don't Leave (1990) from La vie continue (1981)
The Mirror Has Two Faces (1996) from Le Miroir à deux faces (1958)
Mixed Nuts (1994) from Le Père Noël est une ordure (1982)
My Father The Hero (1994) from Mon père, ce héros (1991)
Nine Months (1995) from Neuf mois (1994)
Original Sin (2001) from La sirène du Mississippi (1969)
Paradise (1991) from Le Grand Chemin (1987)
Point of No Return (1993) from Nikita (1990)
Pure Luck (1991) from La Chèvre (1981)
Scarlet Street (1945) from La Chienne (1931)
Sommersby (1993) from Le Retour de Martin Guerre (1982)
Sorcerer (1977) from Le Salaire de la Peur (1953)
Taxi (2004) from Taxi (1998)
The 13th Letter (1951) from Le Corbeau (1943)
Three Fugitives (1989) from Les Fugitifs (1986)
Three Men and a Baby (1987) from Trois hommes et un couffin (1985)
The Toy (1982) from Le Jouet (1976)
True Lies (1994) from La Totale (1991)
Twelve Monkeys (1995) from La Jetée (1962)
Under Suspicion (2000) from Garde à vue (1981)
Unfaithful (2002) from La Femme infidèle (1968)
Wicker Park (2004) from L'Appartement (1996)
Willie and Phil (1980) from Jules et Jim (1962)
The Woman in Red (1984) from Un éléphant ça trompe énormément (1976)
Jungle 2 Jungle (1997) from Un indien dans la ville (1994)

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I dont need to do anything for me to obviously see...

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I am not talking about The American Industy here ok...

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