Reginald Lubin's Movie OASIS 2 Released Dn DVD

Did you see the Haitian Oasis? Well... The sequel Oasis 2 has been released on DVD. It is directed by Reginald Lubin and produced by Francette Agnant. The movie is also called Hiatus but it was released on DVD with the title Oasis II.


Starring Jeff Policard, Paulson Azemar, and Corine Alexandre, if you want to know what happened to Babas, Fabrice & Amelie... Then buy Oasis 2 on DVD, it was released Easter weekend.

Remember Amelie was pregnant in the first movie?

Who's the Baby daddy? Watch the trailer...

Have you seen the movie already?

Post comments and tell us what you think about it.

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Germil Biblory J'aimerai voie cette film maintenant sur mon telephone svp RE: Reginald Lubin's Movie... see more
Reply · March 02 at 4:09 PM
Joseph Yvanne J'aime ce film RE: Reginald Lubin's Movie OASIS 2 Released Dn DVD see more
Reply · November 28 at 7:03 AM
Is Time I dont want to wast my money on this another bad one. Re: Reginald Lubin's... see more
Reply · April 11 at 7:09 PM


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