Le Peche le Pardon Premiere Trailer

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Watch the Le Peche Et Le Pardon Movie Trailer, grand. Saturday August 15, 2009 @ 7PM will take place the Grand Premiere of Carline Verrier's movie "Le Péché et le Parfon". Cinema 6 at California theaters. info: thehaaf.org

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Yvan says...

yes arogance is all I see about you JP as you said you are a film maker.

how is this possible for a film maker to be that blind by his own arogance and can not read. the lady did not talk about herself and a bio is consist of everything about that persone.

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Phoenix Swain says...

We're proud to have someone like you in the industry.

I saw the trailer and my prediction is that your contribution to the industry will be monumental.

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Carline Verrier says...

Mr. Filmmaker,

I feel compelled to clarify a few points in your post. First of all, I did not write the article.

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J.p. Filmmaker says...

Arrogance, Arrogance and Arrogance.

That's all I see from what she said in the article and one of the cheapest Haitian trailer ever. In filmmaking you dont brag about school but about your reel, your works.

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