New Film Distribution Company

Christopher - December 26 2015, 5:23 PM

All Stars Group, LLC, dab/ Haiti Film Distribution Network will launch their first edition in July 2016 in Haiti.

Many Stores, markets, and so on in Haiti will have the privilege to buy Haitian Movies Wholesale to resale them to the public at every low price between $25 to $30 HT$.

Our movie industry is growing fast. Therefore, to support many of our customers who sell on the Internet or mail order, ASG has built efficient systems to process and drop ship orders directly to consumers.

This is an entirely electronic process of ordering, confirmation and invoicing.

This functionality allows you to focus on sales and have us perform all of the stocking, warehousing and shipping functions for you. ASG will provide you with constantly updating stock-on-hand to let you know exactly what we've got available for your customers.

Every month you will receive a Newsletters, poster, flyers, trailers and so on about the upcoming movies.

Since you are our priority we will make sure that we keep you informed of every single product in our industry.

We want to you and your customers to be close to the movie scene than ever before.

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