Prezidan Bicha Movie Sneak Preview

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Here is a sneak peak of a new Haitian film titled Presidan Bicha. for more info about Haitian Movies and Tonton Bicha visit

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Murielle says...

when will this movie be

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Kerline says...

President Bicha is the worst president in the world.

He is worst than Jean Claude Duvalier and Aristide.

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Observer says...

Isn't that Daniel Fils Aime (AKA Tonton Bicha) playing security guard #1 in this movie clip?

Take a good look, to the left of presidan bicha.

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Dener Aupont says...

please come out with the movie to

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Leon says...

Ya, I dont care what anybody says, bicha is a funny dude and if you dont think he is funny then go back in your hole and be miserable, its just jokes, it seems one of the commentor taking things to heart, you prefered dechoukay, tonton makout, papa doc, baby doc, and aristid than presidan bicha, must be stupid a$$ dude..always know what you are saying before you

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James says...

tet chage medam nou tande mesaj bicha so piga nou pa fel non mwen menm map toujou ak kapot mwen nan menm tankou paspo´ m anyway bicha is president ilove them my email adress is micheljamesxx at every persone if you want to talk to me im here ó mjhti at my cellphone 809-280-88-47 homephone-809-524-66-76 okey iwill be

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Chicago On Youtube says...

bicha, the rules are too strick.

young men no condoms must go straight to jail for 3 months, young women can't have sex till she's 30 years old,

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Blak1987 On Youtube says...

Bicha should be a millionnaire cuz he's a real actor...

no doubt about that!

he should be on HBO, TNT..and like that all the world would be able to see that Haiti does not produce only dumb people

Posted on

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Cats4eyes On Youtube says...

President Bicha you suck! Those two officers with frying pans are completely crazy; they're full of it.

Bicha is the worst president in history.

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Titouallthewy says...

ou gen rezon kalabatie, preske tout film haitian yo fè sa, temptation ki fè succes a, son film americain, producer a pran tout film nan net li vire'l an kreyol et i love you anne kite film prefere'm akoz de tonton bicha m'vin'n pa renmen'l ankò paske semaine passe a map gade yon epizod languichatte, m'wè tout pati leu konplo ap mare pou ford jacques, tout bicha ap di pote cha de guerre a pou li sof ke languichatte fè'l ak beka'n, tout bicha ap abiye a and then li moute ford jacques al veye anne nan, languichatte te fè yo deja son biznis kopikat li

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