Pwofon Lanmou movie trailer

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Sherline is an haitian immigrant who come to nyc with the help of her aunt marise. Marise's husband is a real estate agent turn sherline into his wealthy concubine.
sherline falls in love with carlo a young singer .she secretly harbors him in the bo

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Sebastian says...

I see you shawtie holla!!! The movie is still not out. I would like to see it. Emmanuel

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Martine says...

Hi emmanuel jean I saw the movie trailer of yon sel nwit u look nice acting are

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Junior says...

mwen pa konn problem personelle ou avec frantz design men se neg saa yo kap craze industrie a neg yo mediocre le yap pale yo pa menm konn sa yap di yo san formation mwen tande yap fe cinema moun ki occupe neg saa yo pi

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Moun New York says...

Manager Kisa Al Chita ak ki background mwen pa menm kwe Frantz Design fe moyen 1, gade Frantz design ou we mwen pa janm di ou anyen pou lajan mwen an ou VOLE a se pa peur mwen peur ou non mwen ba ou defi mete yon se nwit deyo map sou ou VOLE

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Myriam From Linden 203 Street says...

frantz design pa janm konsa se manager nan yon medical office mande zanmi koule sa a pa bon se vle ou pa vle we neg mwen an pa gen neg mwen damou konsa frantz design hater pa vle we

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New York City says...

Saa pa vle al travay chaque jou se mande zanmi nan new-york 10 dollars, 15 dollars
pou ale mange se yon bon

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Jean Marie says...

i cannot wait to see this movie those guys always talking about what people why can they do

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G9conceptla says...

I completely agreed.

There is no such thing as boys quarters in New York so where in the name of God did they come up with such thing unless they actually immitating the African entertainment.

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Mica says...

I love my Haitian people but you guys just copy too much. The synopsis of this movie is about the same as the African movie "when love dies." Since when were there boys quarters in New York houses.

Come on, let's get real. Come up with your own original score and everyone will love it. Put your own creativity to work Haitian people and stop copying what others are

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Richard M Joseph Iii says...

The trailer plays well and clearly on my notebook,
but there's absolutely no sound.

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