Once There Was A Country Revisiting Haiti

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Watch the Once There Was A Country Revisiting Haiti video, For more Infowww.projectmedishare.org Once There was A Country examines the causes of the present healthcare crisis in Haiti and provides examples on how innovative healthcare programs can alleviate poverty and disease in the most isolated regions of Haiti. The film will highlight Haiti's rich cultural heritage and explore the social and environmental reasons behind a failing healthcare infrastructure and Haiti's status as the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. Once There Was A Country aims to dispel the myths surrounding this misunderstood country and provide viewers with a surprisingly positive point of view. The film follows the Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS treatment of a family and a single man through a new health initiative over a six month period. Throughout this period, viewers will learn about Haiti's lack of a proper healthcare system and available alternatives. The threats posed by the spread of infectious diseases and poverty throughout Haiti will destroy its social fabric if remained ignored and unchecked. The characters undergoing the treatment will serve as as the center point of the film. The pioneering programs that aim to establish a self-sustaining community-based healthcare and educational system in rural communities will provide a new hope for the people of Haiti.

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